Go Colorful with Eye-Catching Ribbons of Cancer Awareness & Support Gifts

GiftsForAwareness.com says Go pink! Go blue! Go purple! Go lime green! Go orange! Go teal! And why not promote ALL colors for cancer awareness with an array of 20 vivid ribbon colors to make a statement against cancer.   This exclusive awareness design features stacked ribbons with slogan of  “Together We Can Find A Cure” t-shirts, merchandise, apparel and gifts spotlighting colorful advocacy ribbons.  Our line of  awareness ribbon gifts are designed to boldly promote awareness and advocate a cure for all cancers featuring multicolored awareness ribbons to stand for all cancers.  Visit GiftsForAwareness.com for a catalog of our designs to promote cancer and disease awareness causes.

The ribbon colors feature a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness; a teal ribbon for ovarian cancer awareness including all gynecologic cancers; a blue ribbon for colon cancer, anal cancer and rectal cancer awareness; a purple ribbon for pancreatic cancer and leiomyosarcoma awareness; a gold ribbon for childhood cancer awareness; a lavender ribbon for ALL OTHER cancer awareness causes; a red ribbon for blood cancer awareness; a gray ribbon for brain cancer and brain tumor awareness; an orange ribbon for leukemia and kidney cancer awareness; a pearl ribbon for lung cancer awareness; a white ribbon for bone cancer awareness; a yellow ribbon for sarcoma, testicular cancer and bladder cancer awareness; a green ribbon for kidney cancer awareness; a peach ribbon for endometrial cancer and uterine cancer awareness; a periwinkle ribbon for stomach cancer and esophageal cancer awareness; a violet ribbon for hodgkin’s lymphoma awareness (aka hodgkin’s disease); a lime green ribbon for lymphoma and non-hodgkin’s lymphoma awareness; a black ribbon for melanoma and skin cancer awareness; a burgundy ribbon for multiple myeloma awareness;  a light blue ribbon for prostate cancer; and an emerald green ribbon for liver cancer awareness.

Get Ready…May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness month and lime green is the ribbon color of springtime and hope.  Although May is Mental Health Awareness month, this is a year-round cause.  Mental health issues affect us all. They might include the stress of caregiving, a divorce, losing a loved one or of losing your job.  Maybe you have a diagnosis for depression or bipolar disorder.  Or you are addicted to alcohol or drugs. Depression oftentimes is a co-morbid/co-occurring condition alongside diseases such as cancer, diabetes or hypertension.  From teen suicide prevention to age-related mental disorders. From post-partum depression and anxiety-related insomnia, to surviving natural disaster and other trauma (PTSD).    Let’s say with ‘One Voice’ that “It’s OK!… to take care of your stress and mental health without stigma or shame….Pass it on!

Limeaidpartnership.com was a memorialization of Shannon Jacuzzi’s love for her sister.  Lime Aid seeks to partner with mental health organizations to raise awareness and funds for the cause.  Shannon was inspired by another sister, Nancy Brinker, who uses the ribbon color of pink through the Susan G. Komen Foundation to promote the importance of breast cancer awareness and research.

Mental Health Awareness and education is an important national and global issue. Since the brain is the control center of the body and 100% of us have a brain.  Truly as another mental health organization states it: “There is no health without mental health.”

Please help us spread the word by purchasing products that visually promote mental health awareness in your community.  GiftsForAwareness.Com in conjunction with LimeAidPartnership.Com are working together to help spread the importance of raising awareness for Mental Health causes.  A portion of the proceeds benefits LimeAidPartnerhip.Com.  Please visit LimeAidPartnership.com to learn more about their mission.

To see more Mental Health Awareness Month shirts and apparel, please visit our collection at GiftsForAwareness.Com and remember to take care of your stress.

Mental Health Awareness