A blog for our shops Gifts4Awareness.Com at Cafepress and GiftsForAwareness at Zazzle to showcase our latest t-shirt and gifts designs for cancer and health awareness and to share our journey as cancer survivors and co-survivors.  As a cancer co-survivor, I’ve been through this long  journey with my sister who fought lymphoma cancer twice.  Together, we went through this difficult journey while she underwent high-dose chemotherapy, a stem-cell transplant, radiation, PET scans, CAT Scans, MRI and emergency hospital visits.  There were setbacks and difficult times for us but together we fought and won the battle with cancer.  I dedicate all my efforts on this endeavor to my sister who is my hero and who I greatly admire for her perseverance, her great sense of humor and strength.  Based on our first hand experiences with cancer, we launched our awareness shops in 2006 to promote cancer, disease and other important causes.  A portion of the proceeds are donated to various charities.

GiftsForAwareneness.Com - Cancer T-Shirts and More

Just a friendly disclaimer, please do not use or copy the images displayed here without contacting us.  These images are just a showcase of our shop and are meant for our shop and blog only.  Thank you.

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