Presents Women Cancer Survivors T-Shirts and Gifts

In commemoration of cancer survivorship amongst women, presents its new line of Cancer Survivor t-shirts, gifts and other merchandise featuring an angled ribbon with an illuminating sunburst and the word Survivor on the ribbon with stars to signify the battle against cancer brought to you by actual cancer survivors at  Our line of  cancer survivor t-shirts and gifts make an ideal gift for the women who fight strong to win the battle against cancer.  Featured below are our survivor t-shirt and gifts line highlighting the cancers that affect women including Ovarian Cancer, Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer and Endometrial and Uterine Cancer.  For our complete line, visit

Celebrating Christmas and Recognizing the Cancer Warriors

Christmas is a time to celebrate the joyous season with family and friends and to be thankful for our blessings.   It is also a time to recognize the people in our lives fighting cancer by promoting awareness.  GiftsForAwareness.Com is pleased to offer its Christmas-themed line of awareness merchandise featuring beautiful floating colorful ribbons to represent a specific cancer cause set inside a snowglobe with falling snow flakes and message of “Wishing You Peace, Love and Health.”  The snowglobe image is featured on shirts, greeting cards, postage stamps, bags, hats, buttons, stickers and more. Our exclusive collection of cancer and disease advocacy cards and gifts are ideal to recognize the importance of awareness during the holiday season and all year long.  To view our complete series for other awareness colors, visit GiftsForAwareness.Com.

Observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Jeweled Pink Ribbon Tees

Observe National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with our line of Breast Cancer Jeweled Pink Ribbon line of HOPE MATTERS tees, apparel and gifts available exclusively at     Our line of Hope Matters is designed with a beautiful & sparkling pink ribbon to advocate an inspiring message of Hope Matters for patients, families and advocates affected by breast cancer.  Get your sparkling pink ribbon on to support awareness for this important cause.  To see our full line for this design, visit

Hope Matters Breast Cancer Gemstone Ribbon shirt

Hope Matters Breast Cancer Jeweled Ribbon by

Introducing Awareness Heart Ribbon Sculptures to Recognize Breast Cancer and Other Awareness Causes proudly introduces its new line of acrylic photo sculptures to recognize cancer and disease awareness causes including Autism, Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Colon Cancer, Heart Disease, Lymphoma, Pancreatic Cancer, Prostate Cancer and other ribbon causes  as shown at  Our line of awareness sculptures makes the perfect keepsake to buy for yourself, a patient, a group or for gift-giving. Our photo sculpture keepsakes features an eye-catching “cutout” design of a beautiful heart and ribbon illustration created in a stunning mosaic fashion and comes with a blank stand to dramatically display this one-of-a-kind design in your home, patient’s room, doctor’s office or home office.   Pictured below is a sample of our line including Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism and Thyroid Cancer.    Of Special Note: This  design can be ordered as a sculpture with a stand available in four sizes (2 x 3,  5 x 7, 8 x 10 and 24 x 36), a magnet, an ornament with red ribbon for hanging, a pin with a metal pin-back or a key chain with a metal ring. Visit our line at to view our complete listing of cancer and disease causes for this lovely awareness ribbon design.

Just In! Breast Cancer Awareness Binders

Just In! GiftsForAwareness.Com is now offering Breast Cancer Awareness binders with various slogans and eye-catching pink ribbons, hearts or butterfly designs . Our exclusive collection of Breast Cancer awareness binders are ideal to utilize as awareness event binders, breast cancer awareness presentation binders, photo album binders, memory scrapbook binders, medical and appointments binder and other uses. Visit our line of Breast Cancer merchandise at our Breast Cancer Shop for Breast Cancer Awareness binders, t-shirts, gifts and more.

Breast Cancer Support Advocate Cure binder
Breast Cancer Support Advocate Cure by GiftsForAwareness.Com

Breast Cancer Believe Heart binder
Breast Cancer Believe Heart by GiftsForAwareness.Com

Hope Breast Cancer binder
Hope Breast Cancer by GiftsForAwareness.Com

Hoping for Miracle for a Co-Worker’s Brain Tumor

In honor of a co-worker, Ron, currently batting a brain tumor, I pray for a miracle, a cure and an end to brain tumors. The last three years have been tough for my co-worker and his family. He had beat the odds for the last 3 years but things turned for the worse. My co-worker and his family are currently going through one of the most difficult times since his brain tumor was deemed “inoperable.” I hope one day to see an end to the suffering that has inflicted so many families with brain tumors and cancer. As someone who considers herself a cancer co-survivor, I lived through dark moments in my sister’s cancer journey to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m hoping for a miracle in my co-worker’s battle with brain tumor.

Festive Christmas Shirts for Your Dog & Pets

Attention All Dog and Pet Lovers: Get your dogs ready for the Holidays with cool Christmas clothing for dogs and pets.   As you celebrate Christmas with your family, it’s fun to include man’s and woman’s best friend (our beloved dogs)  in the festivities.  There is nothing more adorable than seeing your puppy or dog dressed up in cute Christmas attire in bright colors with whimsical Christmas scenes and designs.  Visit our adorable pooch line at’s Christmas Clothing for Dogs Collection.