Never Give Up Hope Butterfly Art Ribbon Advocacy Gifts offers an inspirational collection of Never Give Up Hope t-shirts, apparel, merchandise and gifts for cancer and disease awareness  featuring a whimsical butterfly art heart ribbon in a variety of advocacy colors. This inspirational cancer slogan signifies that hope is vital when you’re facing a challenging journey and to never give up the hope that inspires you to keep motivated. As a cancer survivor, this powerful motto is an important factor in my daily life.   We offer this inspiration design on an assortment of shirts for men, women and children and it is also available on buttons, stickers, bags, hats, postage stamps and other merchandise.  This design is perfect for warriors, patients,  families, groups, medical staff  (doctors, nurses and others in the field)  to wear as an empowering design for awareness events, awareness walks or runs, fundraisers or anytime to blast the motto NEVER GIVE UP HOPE.  Here’s our inspiring design fashioned by various models on selected apparel.  Visit to view our complete collection of standout awareness gifts.


Childhood Cancer Awareness Gifts, Shirts & Apparel T-Shirt & Gift Shop is spotlighting its latest designs to help bring awareness to childhood cancer.   Childhood cancer effects children under 20 years of age.  Statistics indicate that cancer ranks as  second only to accidents as a cause of death in children.  To promote awareness and bring childhood cancer to the forefront, is featuring its unique and exclusive line of awareness gifts, shirts and other merchandise with gold ribbon.  Visit our Childhood Cancer Section to view our complete designs.  Here’s a sample of some of our childhood cancer designs on shirts, buttons, stickers and more:

ChildhoodCancerBelieve Women's Plus Size Scoop NecChildhoodCancerFaith Fitted T-ShirtChildhoodCancerHopeLove 3.5" Button (10 pack)Childhood Cancer Women's Long Sleeve T-ShirtChildhood Cancer Hope 3" Lapel Sticker (48 pk)Childhood Cancer Grunge MugChildhood Cancer Hope SweatshirtChildhoodCancerButterfly Jr. Ringer T-ShirtI Wear Gold Ribbon White T-ShirtI Wear Gold For Daughter Women's V-Neck T-ShirtChildhoodCancer Brother Jr. HoodieChildhood Cancer Gold Ribbon 3.5" Button (10 pack)I Wear Gold Ribbon For Me Kids HoodieSupportChildHoodCancer Small Poster

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