Cancer Warriors: Take a Stand and Fight Like A Warrior!

Take a stand against cancer with‘s empowering cancer advocacy apparel featuring a collection of Fight Like A Warrior t-shirts, apparel, merchandise and gifts for cancer warriors, patients and fighters.  This unique stand-out design highlights the words “Fight Like A Warrior” in a curved text style with  boxing gloves to convey the warrior’s fight against cancer with an awareness ribbon in a variety of vibrant colors for cancer and disease causes.  This empowering cancer slogan illustration is ideal for warriors to send out a message of determination and courage in the fight against cancer.   Our awareness products are also perfect to give as part of a cancer support gift basket.  As cancer survivors, we proudly contribute to cancer causes and research.

Observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Jeweled Pink Ribbon Tees

Observe National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with our line of Breast Cancer Jeweled Pink Ribbon line of HOPE MATTERS tees, apparel and gifts available exclusively at     Our line of Hope Matters is designed with a beautiful & sparkling pink ribbon to advocate an inspiring message of Hope Matters for patients, families and advocates affected by breast cancer.  Get your sparkling pink ribbon on to support awareness for this important cause.  To see our full line for this design, visit

Hope Matters Breast Cancer Gemstone Ribbon shirt

Hope Matters Breast Cancer Jeweled Ribbon by

Introducing Awareness Heart Ribbon Sculptures to Recognize Breast Cancer and Other Awareness Causes proudly introduces its new line of acrylic photo sculptures to recognize cancer and disease awareness causes including Autism, Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Colon Cancer, Heart Disease, Lymphoma, Pancreatic Cancer, Prostate Cancer and other ribbon causes  as shown at  Our line of awareness sculptures makes the perfect keepsake to buy for yourself, a patient, a group or for gift-giving. Our photo sculpture keepsakes features an eye-catching “cutout” design of a beautiful heart and ribbon illustration created in a stunning mosaic fashion and comes with a blank stand to dramatically display this one-of-a-kind design in your home, patient’s room, doctor’s office or home office.   Pictured below is a sample of our line including Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism and Thyroid Cancer.    Of Special Note: This  design can be ordered as a sculpture with a stand available in four sizes (2 x 3,  5 x 7, 8 x 10 and 24 x 36), a magnet, an ornament with red ribbon for hanging, a pin with a metal pin-back or a key chain with a metal ring. Visit our line at to view our complete listing of cancer and disease causes for this lovely awareness ribbon design.

Awareness Matters – Eye-Catching Breast Cancer Awareness Gifts, Shirts and More!

Support  awareness in recognition of the women affected by breast cancer with our line of pink ribbon bags, t-shirts, apparel and gifts featuring an eye-catching design showcasing a stylish ribbon and heart illustration created in a mosaic fashion.  This design includes the slogan “Support All Women” to rally behind all women battling breast cancer.  Our collection of breast cancer t-shirts and gifts are ideal for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Breast Cancer awareness events or anytime to call attention to this important cause. Visit our line of Breast Cancer merchandise at Breast Cancer Shop for exclusive Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirts, gifts and more.

Support All Women Breast Cancer Awareness Matters bag
Support All Women Breast Cancer Awareness Matters by

Get Checked – Early Breast Cancer Detection Saves Lives

According to the American Cancer Society, yearly mammograms and clinical breast exams for women age 40 and older are key to detecting breast cancer early.  This serves not only a reminder to myself but to all my sisters, friends and co-workers who must take a proactive approach to their own health and get checked.   Recently, I spent some time with a dear friend of mine who was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer.  Her cancer was detected early because of a  mammogram.   This diagnosis came as a shock to my friend but she was relieved to know she did her part to get it diagnosed early and receive the treatment she needs to get her on the road to recovery.   Before my friend went on sick leave last week,  I shared my experience and gave my friend advice as a sister of a cancer survivor.   My friend is currently undergoing radiation for the next three months  and I will continue to give her my support because during hard times, you need a strong support system.  In honor of my dear friend, is featuring its Get Checked t-shirts to remind all women that  Early Breast Cancer Detection Saves Lives.    Visit our full line of breast cancer awareness apparel and gifts at our Breast Cancer Shop.

Observe National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October – Breast Cancer Mosaic Heart Apparel

Breast Cancer Mosaic Heart Ribbon shirt
Breast Cancer Mosaic Heart Ribbon by

Breast Cancer support t-shirts, merchandise & gifts featuring the words “Breast Cancer Awareness” in a curved design showcasing a vivid and colorful pink heart and ribbon set in beautiful, unique mosaic design to call attention to Breast Cancer awareness.   This design is available in different styles for the whole family.  Our Breast Cancer support shirts, tees and gifts are ideal for National Breast Cancer awareness month in October, breast cancer support events or anytime to advocate Breast Cancer awareness brought to you exclusively by     Browse this design on more shirts, hats, bags, buttons, stickers and other unique gifts at Breast Cancer Mosaic Heart Ribbon or visit our Breast Cancer Store.   Bookmark our one-of-a-kind line Awareness gear & apparel line at for all your awareness needs.

Cool Grunge Style Breast Cancer T-Shirts & Gifts is proud to feature its latest line of cool grunge style pink ribbon breast cancer awareness t-shirts & gifts for women, men and children.  Our designs are in big bold letters with distressed style font and bold pink ribbon.  Our line is available on various t-shirts, tees, apparel, children’s apparel, buttons, stickers and more.‘s exclusive line of t-shirts & gifts with inspirational words that make a real bold statement.  Whether your a breast cancer survivor, co-survivor, warrior, advocate or are someone effected by cancer through a friend or family member, wear our designs boldly to raise awareness for breast cancer and get the word out.  Here’s a preview‘s line of awareness gifts and t-shirts.

FightStrong Breast Cancer Jr. HoodieFindACure Breast Cancer Light T-ShirtHope4ACure Breast Cancer Jr. Ringer T-ShirtTakeAStand Breast Cancer Fitted T-ShirtNeverGiveUp Breast Cancer Women's Cap Sleeve T-ShiBreast Cancer Faith SweatshirtFaith Hope Breast Cancer Women's Long Sleeve T-ShiBreast Cancer Hope Women's Light T-ShirtBreast Cancer Attitude Women's Raglan HoodieRun4ACure Breast Cancer Hooded SweatshirtWalk4ACure Breast Cancer Baseball JerseyFight to Win Breast Cancer Jr. Hoodie

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